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(no subject)

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Aug. 20th, 2014 | 02:42 am

officially wednesday which means it is officially the 20th

officially the day fall registration is supposed to reopen for people like me

sat w/ sister & both parents this weekend and tried to talk about this. dad thought my tuition was like 4k less than it is. which must mean he didn't pay attention at all last semester. this is all i have thought about for months, the one thing that's been stressing me out more than anything in a long ass time and after having talked to my dad about this in april [/APRIL/] preparing him for the fact that this money would be due at the end of august, we don't have it.

i promised him i'd go to the bank tomorrow put my last two checks in and lend him 1k to help
. still not enough though.

how am i supposed to go back in just under two weeks without having registered for any classes & owing the school thousands? there is almost nothing open and now there is going to be even /less/ open.

the only way he's going to pay for my sister's classes are by the few thousand he borrowed from his friend.

don't tell me i can go away and then have everything all out from under me

please smash my face in with a brick

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