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Jan. 27th, 2014 | 02:10 am

well, i'm back at school and have been busy-ish for the past few days but not busy enough.

my sister just texted me to tell me she got into an accident; it wasn't bad, i think the only thing that happened was that the other car's bumper came off. it was her fault though, because she ran a light. she just kept telling me she was scared that my mom was gonna kill her because she got into a big enough crash in october for her insurance to skyrocket... and /then/ disobeyed my mom driving around in the snow last week while my mom warned her about accidents. karma is a bitch.

my grandpa was in the hospital because he had some infection that i think is finally gone? he's in some sort of rehab now to help him walk because he lost so much weight and then was basically too weak to walk for a while. i got my sister's text and thought she was about to give me bad news w/r/t the family, not her own mistakes. she literally just called me and almost started crying and i barely even feel anything except feeling slightly annoyed because my parents are going to freak and they're already under enough financial stress as it is. but then again i don't feel much about that either. this apathy is beginning to wear me out.

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