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(no subject)

Jun. 9th, 2014 | 11:12 pm

wow so i went out to dinner w/ my stepdad and stepsister to visit my other stepsister @ work [she's a server] and he was talking to her about how he applied for a credit card for her and i just found out that he also applied for one for me? [i had no idea?] but it was turned down apparently because my dad still hasn't paid my school bill and apparently that's under my name. she was like "it's fine; it just can't happen again." he says he's paying this week but god only knows when that will /actually/ get done. my mom says "as long as that gets done i'm sure it'll be fine because i know you're good with saving money and paying for things on time" and i was like "i mean yeah i am but only when i'm not worried that i don't have enough in the bank?" i'm gonna put some of the cash he gave me in the bank tomorrow along with my last paycheck and try not to spend money and much at all for the next like 3 weeks or so and see if i'll actually be able to buy a laptop this summer. i /really/ fucking need one. also i need to know i'm not going to school with like /nothing/ in my bank account yk

sighs shakes fist at sky about money and school
. was talking to jessie abt this yesterday and she'd been worrying about her school loans for next year so much for the past three days she felt physically ill. the fact that students have to deal with this type of thing is such bullshit. happy about obama trying to pass this ten percent cap tho. jesus christ.

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