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(no subject)

Jan. 23rd, 2014 | 02:49 am

the left side of my lower lip is really swollen and i don't know why. it's going to make it had to fall asleep.
our dryer is terrible and i have to keep the clothes in there and put it on like 4 separate times in a row to actually dry my clothes. in fact, i got nothing done today even though i wanted to get some packing done, i couldn't do wash b/c of this machine.

i woke up at like 12:30 after going to bed close to 8am because i skyped with melanie and bridget until almost 7am. we went from talking about sufjan to how we met each other to how we were introduced to music and everything in-between and ended with bridget telling us all about black holes and the cosmos. it was nice.

now i'm feeling super exhausted but unable to sleep, and even though i'm supposed to leave with my friend at around 3:30 tomorrow to go drive up to my friend's school and visit her for the night, i have to pick her up at 10am, which is going to be interesting since i haven't been able to get up before noon this entire week.

i'm really excited to be going back to school but i feel weird that i actually started getting used to being back home? and i feel like as soon as i'm gone again i'm going to think about why i hated it here and i don't want to go through another week of nightmares like i did in october. i just need to get back, try and apply for a job and try and fill up as much of my time as possible. maybe that'll allow me to be able to tell my brain to shut the fuck up.

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