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(no subject)

Jan. 3rd, 2014 | 10:16 pm

i cleaned off all the shit that was on top of my drawers and desk because literally 60% of it was my sister trash she threw on there while i was away and i just needed less clutter. she came home from getting pizza from a place one of my stepsisters works and was pissed that all of her shit was back on top of her desk and was like "you can't put this here" and i never respond to her when she's like this because i just don't fucking care enough anymore but just thought "okay but you can throw your shit everywhere then?" fine. fuck it.

our other stepsister was pissed about my sister taking a long time getting pizza and was like "someone else can have my pizza because i didn't know it would take two hours" really snarky

my mom just came over was started laughing and was like "can you believe how immature everyone in this house is?" smiling. i stared her straight in the face and said "every single person in this house has come up to me in the past few weeks and complained about someone else being stupid or immature ...so i suggest you all get together and just sort everything out amongst yourselves" in a rly pissed off tone.

she looked at me and said "you tired?" i shook my head slowly and said "yeah. i'm really tired."

when i say i'm tired i don't mean i'm sleepy. i mean i'm tired of being here and i can't wait to juST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. i feel like even the simplest things are just going to set me off now and i have to be here for like 3 more weeks fuck

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